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Thanks to funding from Children in Need and Forever Manchester we were able to work quickly to meet the needs of the communities we support during the Covid crisis

Children and young people

Thanks to funding from a Children in Need booster grant we were able to work with children and young people from minority groups during the pandemic. We were also able to provide tablets and data to young people in need to help them to do their schoolwork, connect and engage with their peers during this difficult time. 

Our impact


Young refugees supported throughout the pandemic

We supported young people from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. The participants invited their friends who were two home-schooled British-born children of mixed Caribbean & white heritage and one young person of British heritage. They all participated in:​


Sessions delivered online between July and October 2020

  • 3 music sessions

  • 4 arts and craft sessions

  • 1 drama session

  • 1 poetry session

  • 1 yoga session

  • 1 dance session

  • 2 Spanish sessions 

  • 1 consultation

  • 2 evaluation sessions


Children received tablets so they could attend sessions and complete their schoolwork

Support for adults

Thanks to funding from Forever Manchester and our dedicated volunteers we have been able to make culturally appropriate food parcels to support adults facing isolation as a result of the Covid crisis. Our first parcel drop will took place in November 2020. 

A special thanks to Cross Street Chapel for giving us space in kind and to our volunteers: 

Becki (Driver) 

Jo (Driver) 

Nikki (Driver) 

Ronaya (Driver) 

Ruth (Trustee + Driver)

Plus the anonymous volunteers who are giving their time to help too 

Our impact


Adults supported with food parcels


Months that refugees and asylum seekers are supported with food parcels


Volunteering hours

With many thanks to our funders 

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