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Come rain or shine, we walk together!

At Afrocats, we develop our projects based on what the women tell us they would like to experience. We introduced our Sunday afternoon walking sessions following requests from the women to provide a space where they could form new friendships whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

Each week we take around six to seven women on a gentle stroll to explore Manchester's extensive canal routes. One woman told us that she had lived in Manchester for almost 10 years and did not know there were canals in the city. Being able to show these women new places to visit, has encouraged their love for Manchester and has also given them something to look forward to every Sunday.

Each week the woman learn to express themselves freely with no judgement. We incorporate dance sessions using the women’s favourite music and simple dance routines that provide physical and mental refreshment and plenty of laughter and fun to the group. Smiles are on everyone's faces after the dance session is over!

Regulars to the walk have enjoyed it so much that they have even brought friends from the Women Asylum Seekers Together network, which in turn has encouraged the women to build new friendships. One woman eagerly stated she was so looking forward to the next week’s walk just so she could bring some of her own traditional Iranian food to share amongst the group.

Come rain or shine, the main aim of these walks is to bring the women together and to allow them to experience new surroundings in a city they have grown to love. It is now clear that not only are these walks providing this, but they are also given a necessary space to socialise, build confidence and most importantly relax with other women they now call friends.

We rely on donations and grant funding to dismantle the health and wellbeing inequalities the people we support face. If you can donate you'll be helping us to create an equal society. Make a donation here today.


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