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They are always dancing - it has given them confidence

Last month we welcomed over 100 people to watch the results of a two-year project, funded by Arts Council England, BBC Children in Need and D'Oyle Carte Charitable Trust.

The project explored what it meant to be a ‘child of the world’ in the UK in 2021 and what does it mean to be a citizen of Manchester. We worked with a group of children aged seven to 16 so they could creatively express their thoughts on identity, nationhood and distinct cultures. The result was an uplifting and celebratory performance of the things that unite young people beyond nationality and language.

We spoke to Connie, a parent and Afrocts participant, about the difference Umbrellas in the sun made to her two children, Mark and Adam.

"The project has had a big impact. My little one, Adam, was very shy. In the first session he would just sit down and do some drawing but by the second session I see he is joining in and signing. Even at home he was dancing and showing me some of his moves.

"That was really a big change in him, it gave him confidence.

"They love coming to Afrocats because they gat to meet new people and make new friends. They’re always saying ‘when are we going there again?!'

“Magdalen is nurturing the talent of the future. She is supporting the children so they know and can show what they’re good at.

"They don’t only come here to dance, they come here to learn. It helps them at school because they are around different and learning about different cultures. It means that they can share that at school.

“I am in another programme with Afrocats, arts and crafts, and every time my son does something on the programme he brings it in and shows it to the school. It’s really good. It has been so helpful at building his confidence.

"We’re really thankful to the funders because it gives the children the opportunity to do activities like this.”

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