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When negative thinking takes over it can impact our mental health, leaving you feeling depressed or anxious.

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Imagine you are lying on a big grassy hill.
Feel the grass underneath your feet.
How would the sun feel shining on your face?
Imagine the feeling of a soft breeze.
Listen to the sounds of birds around you.
There is nothing else.
Just you, the hill, and the open sky.

Now, imagine that each thought you notice is a cloud passing overhead. 
Notice each thought as it comes up and watch it just as you would watch a cloud passing on a sunny day.
You are not trying to do anything about it, not worrying about it or trying to change it; just observing it with a smile. 

You will begin to notice more thoughts arising. 
Do not do anything about these either. 
Just watch them come into your sky and then gently float away.
Breathing in, breathing out.

Thoughts as Clouds


Compassionate friend

Get into a comfortable position. 
Close your eyes and put your hands on your heart.
Imagine you are in a safe and comfortable place. 
Now imagine you have a visitor.
They are a compassionate friend - full of wisdom, strength and unconditional love. 
Take a few moments. 
Imagine your compassionate friend in as much detail as possible.
Allow yourself to feel what it is like to be in their presence.
Keep that in your mind for a few moments. 
Take a few more moments to enjoy your friends' presence.
Your friend is a part of yourself.
All the compassionate feelings you are experiencing flow from your own inner wisdom.

“Deep down in the human spirit there is a reservoir of courage. It is always available, always waiting to be discovered”

Pema Chodron

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