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Working in partnership with Whitworth Art Gallery we're reimagining how cultural spaces can connect with local families in a more accessible, inclusive and equitable way

Afrocats' work to dismantle barriers that global communities experience. The Whitworth, like Afrocats, is driven by a mission to use art and creative experiences to drive social change.

All galleries and arts organisations have audience diversity targets but this event wasn’t just about creating record numbers for The Whitworth. The aim was to create meaningful change and ensure that the gallery is a space of sanctuary so equality and diversity can thrive. 

Volunteers from Afrocats and The Whitworth work side-by-side, learning from one another and ultimately enhancing the visitor experience. 

Through our pilot events, we have reached over 5000 people. Now thanks to funding from Arts Council England we will reach even more.



AfroCats Takeover-9721.jpg

Through our powerful partnership, Whitworth Art Gallery and Afrocats are able to fund refugee and asylum seekers travel and refreshments to break down any financial barriers they face when considering visiting a gallery.  

If you are attending one of our events and need access support, register your attendance here.


“Sometimes we don’t have time for ourselves, but it’s made a difference to me because I don’t say I’m good or bad - it’s made me realise I can create something."


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