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We're a female-led charity that supports people in Manchester who face exclusion because of their immigration status, class, age, cultural inexperience and education.


We work closely with the communities and people that access our projects to create inspiring experiences and opportunities. Together, we address and dismantle inequality by identifying and breaking down barriers.

Our vision is a robust and more inclusive social environment for vulnerable asylum-seekers and refugees.

Our mission is to build agency, aspiration and opportunity for mainly female adults and young people aged 6-18 to improve their overall life chances through creative engagement.  

Our team

We're a small but dedicated team of practitioners, volunteers and consultants who work together to help communities thrive

Our approach



We work with children and young people from lower-income backgrounds so they have better access to out-of-school learning and activities that will build their confidence, skill set and sense of belonging.



Economically disadvantaged families and individuals can develop their skills and social networks with us, broadening their horizons through access to workshops and volunteering opportunities to gain vital employment skills.




We challenge stereotypes around culture and immigration in a supportive and safe environment to help create a more positive narrative and understanding in society.


We work in partnership with funders, sponsors, donors and a range of organisations to support our vision to build a stronger, more inclusive environment for the people we represent.

“There’s no way you can talk about Magdalen without a big smile coming to your face as her energy and enthusiasm are simply infectious. She is 100% committed to ensuring often unheard voices are clearly listened to, and works with a passion, integrity and kindness that inspires all around her. It’s been a joy to experience first-hand participants flourish under Magdalen’s care and be supported to further their own skills and social networks.” 

Sarah Hiscock, Engagement Manager - Manchester International Festival

Our funders


Our work is made possible thanks to our funders and supporters

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