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We partner with likeminded organisations to build a positive and secure future. 


WAST is a mutual self-help and campaigning organisation for women seeking asylum. The charity aims for women develop their confidence and skills individually and collectively. 


Whitworth Art Gallery is driven by a mission to work with communities to use art for positive social change, and actively address what matters most in people’s lives. This new vision has been developed as part of an international dialogue about how to evolve and adapt museums to a constantly changing world.


Safety4Sisters was established in Manchester in 2009 to address the exclusion of migrant women (particularly those with 'no recourse to public funds') from the most basic rights of safety and protection. They are a feminist and anti-racist organisation with a vision for a world in which all migrant women are safe and live lives free from patriarchal and state injustice. 

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Libraries of Sanctuary is a network of librarians, library staff, community groups and book lovers who are raising awareness of the issues facing people in the asylum system, offering support and participation opportunities, and contributing to a culture of welcome in the wider community.

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The vision of Manchester City of Literature is to create an innovative, distinctive, equitable, globally connected city of reading and writing, where diverse voices are celebrated, creative talent and industries are nurtured and where literary activity changes lives.

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The North West's first poetry library offers over 10,000 books and recordings. Their collection offers an extensive range of poetry in the many languages spoken in Manchester, and a section dedicated  to children’s poetry.

Ashwood Solicitors have an experienced team of specialist Immigration Solicitors in Manchester that can provide clear legal advice and guidance on a wide range of Immigration and Asylum matters. The team can speak in languages including Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Polish and Arabic. They also have a strong network of interpreters to cater for most languages to make communication easier.


Manchester’s royal exchange theatre company transforms the way people see theatre, each other and the world around them. It was taken over by artists in 1976 and today it is an award-winning cultural charity that produces new theatre in-the-round, in communities, on the road and online

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Rainbow Haven provides community drop-in sessions that offers support and activities for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants.  


CAN is a long-established Manchester-based arts organisation and Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. They build deep, long-lasting connections with communities across Greater Manchester, developing unique, creative projects with people whose voices are not normally heard in the mainstream.


Walk the Plank are outdoor arts experts who create powerful events with mass appeal. Storytelling is at the heart of everything this organisation does. They bring people and communities together to generate a sense of place through public celebration.


The Caribbean and African Health Network's vision is to eradicate health inequalities within a generation for Caribbean & African people.

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