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Castlefield comes alive with our Walking Women Project

Our amazing women at Afrocats went outside and into Castlefield on a peaceful morning during our inclusive walking tours of Manchester’s canals.

Supported by Greater Manchester Walking and Greater Manchester Moving, participants joined Estee, Vicki and Nessa to reflect on life in the city, and had some fun in the (rare!) February sun for an energetic dance session in Castlefield Bowl.

Topics that came up during the canal walk were issues facing Manchester’s homeless community, and breaking through language barriers despite participant’s cultural differences, who all hailed from Syria, Kuwait, and Namibia.

‘We have a great cultural mix of people here today, so I hope some of the ladies who came last time can remember the routine – and being from Equatorial Guinea, I definitely bring some of my culture to my dance sessions,’ says Nessa.

After getting the blood circulating to some Afrobeats, one lively participant even led everyone in having a taste of the dance culture in her homeland of Iran and the Middle East, giving us some Emirati sunshine right in the middle of the city centre.

Warm up with Nessa below, and check out everyone's moves - you're guaranteed to dance along!

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