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Happiness is...

This year we have been lucky to have been chosen by not one but two schools, Our Lady's Roman Catholic High School and Altrincham Grammar School for Girls to raise money and support our work.

Last week we headed over with our lovely volunteer Hannah to Altrincham to collect 30 wellbeing packages that the students had put together for the women we work with and toys for their children.

We were also delighted to receive poems, created for the women we work with by some of the students at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls.

We think they are brilliant, how do they make you feel?

Happiness is easily made

Happiness is easily made,

Food, hobbies, sleep or shade,

Maybe just a slice of cake,

Or to sing, dance, draw or bake.

Put a smile on someone’s face,

Take them to a happy place,

Do what you like to do best,

Whether it’s shopping, reading, cooking or rest.

So stay positive every day,

Be very kind in every way.

Happiness is easily made,

Whether it’s food hobbies, sleep or shade.

- Nafeesah

Hope is a ghost

Hope is a ghost

Dead, floating

Upon the ocean of dark.

Unreachable and far away.

Yet constantly lingering,



Disintegrating as soon as it’s reached.

But it is never completely dead,

Instead waiting to be lit

To burn

To spread

A constant promise of eventual happiness


Patiently waiting

Until the day.

The Flowers that Grow

Happiness floated around the room

Calmly watching the flowers bloom

While sat on the edge of my bed

I remember the kind words they had said

It will all be okay

- Litishaa



It’s a warm feeling that spreads through your fingers and toes,


It makes you skip with spring in your step and laugh with your head thrown back,


It’s the monsters around you sniffing the air with hope,


It’s a thread you hang on for the day,


It's everywhere - in me and you,

In these walls and the shimmering sky,

In the colourful petals scattering the floor,

In your favourite food,


- Hardawiyah

A blanket of roses

A blanket of roses, enveloping the emerald blades,

Butterflies scattered across the painted horizon,

A whirlwind of petals,

Fluttering, dancing in the gust of wind,

Breathing life into the fields.

The autumn leaves burning into the ground,

A blinding flash of a smile,

Filled to the brim with essence of sweetness.

Clouds drifting, Swaying to the wind,

Golden flowers raining on the crackled pavement.

- Yena

If happiness is what you seek

The hearth was burning brightly

A warning beacon, a sign for all

She sat there pandering wisely

It was from a time before she recalled

When she was content and happiness had been spread.

A hill goes both up and down

But eventually it will reach its peak

If happiness is what you seek

It will arrive at its peak.

A Light Breeze of Good Things

Light breezes

Heavy thoughts

A constant war

Between them all

But in the end

Good wins

Emerging triumphant

With the constant, abundant, logic of this world

Lift up the walls and the depressing calls of the voice inside your head

For in the end, hope and trust wins all

The conflicts and battles, both inside and out

Will finally cease to be

- Yiru

If you're looking to partner with a charity working with asylum seekers and refugees in Greater Manchester we'd love to hear from you. Find out about the different ways you can support us.


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