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It's all a sound and dance!

The young people started singing with Tosin today, and they were excited.

Firstly they did vocal exercises to get their voices ready for singing.

During every different vocal exercise, Tosin explained why the activity was used.

After the vocal exercise, they went over the song that they sang last week, "stand up."

At first, they sang with the music, then they sang without the music, and it sounded beautiful.

After this, they learn a new song called "all-around". Firstly they listen to the song to get a feel of it. They sang the song on music.

Then after that, they sang the song with Tosin and the backing track.

For the dancing session, everyone pushed the chairs out of the way and took their shoes off, ready to dance.

They all stood in a circle and starting warming up and doing stretches.

After doing those exercises, Maya played a song and got everyone moving slightly.

After that, they had the scenarios, and they had to do dance movements to them. It was an entertaining activity.

They came up with a dance by themselves in groups, and it looked amazing.

Lastly, Maya did a few stretches to came everyone down after the fun dance routine. Everyone was getting along much better, and everyone felt comfortable during the experience.


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