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Let's make stuff!

This morning we started with drama. The young people played games so that they can be more familiar with each other.

They started with warm-ups by stretches to wake their bodies up; they also warmed up their faces.

Then they played a game called cookie jar. It was an entertaining game and got everyone happy and energised.

After they did arts and crafts with Mariam, everyone was so excited to create something fun.

As they created their faces, they talked about the things that they enjoyed doing in arts and crafts ( origami, clay).

They also when round the circle and introduced themselves and also something they liked doing.

'I found it pleasant to do because I like doing art and I don't have things like this at home, so this was fun.'

'It was amazing, I had a good time, and I will like more.'

'It was friendly and fun.'

'It was delightful because we got to be creative.'

For drama, we started again with drama, and we started with playing fun games.

The first game was wink murderer; Wink murder is a game in which a secretly selected player can "kill" others by winking at them while the surviving players try to identify the killer.

Everyone liked the game.

Lastly, they all sat down and talked about what they enjoyed most.


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