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Making tasty burgers and healthy wedges for a weekend picnic

Afrocats’ Youth of the World were in for a treat on 11th of May as Sarah from CookStars once again hosted a hands-on cooking session at Cross Street Chapel, where we explored how to make burgers and healthy potato wedges.

Throughout the session, Sarah stressed how important it is to be patient when cooking, and I found this advice really insightful, trying to stay mindful and focus on what was in front of me while making this meal.

Many of the participants had never made a burger or potato wedges before, and would like to make it again – with some even saying they preferred this session to food tech class at school!

I asked the young people what’s one key takeaway they have from the session, and they said:

‘When cooking you know when it’s ready, especially when it’s crispy and brown.’
‘I enjoyed cooking the vegetables, especially slicing the onions, which I found very satisfying.’
Another young person also said they had made burgers before at their uncle’s place, but never made wedges before.

See below for more photos of the session:

One memorable moment that I will never forget from this session was at the end - after everyone finished clearing up, one young person had the first bite of their burger and shouted in excitement:


We were all left in hysterics, and this young person was even begging their mum to make another dish when they got home afterwards.

The joy and excitement on session was clear to see, fuelling more passion and confidence in Afrocats’ young people to take the lead in creating their own dishes with ingredients from scratch.

And when the weather cheers up, we can finally go on that picnic!

Words and photos: Amina Beg

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