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They don’t just come here to dance, they come here to learn

Connie spoke to us about the impact our Children in Need and Arts Council England funded project has had on her children.

"The project has had a big impact. My little one, Adam, was very shy before he started the sessions for Umbrellas in the Sun. In the first session he would just sit down and do some drawing but by the second session I saw him joining in and singing. Even at home he’s dancing and showing me some of his moves. That is really a big change in him.

"Afrocats has given him so much confidence. He just loves coming to the sessions because he meets new friends. Both Adam and Mark are always happy to come here, they always ask ‘when are we going there again?' I think the best thing about this project has been the opportunity for the kids to make friends. It really helps their confidence. Magdalen is nurturing their talent so our children can show how good they are.

"They don’t only come here to dance, they come here to learn. It helps them at school because when they are in a history or geography class they can share the things that they have learnt in the sessions. It’s really helpful. They are around different cultures, all working together. They’ve learnt about different heritages through Afrocats and they've been able to share that at school.

“We’re really thankful to the funders of this project because it has given our children the opportunity to grow and develop.”

Afrocats - Umbrellas In The Sun

Sat 16 & Sat 23 October 2021 – 2pm & 4pm

Cross Street Chapel, 29 Cross Street Manchester, M2 1NL

Tickets on sale now:

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