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Thumbs up and gold stars - it's back to school for Afrocats!

The back-to-school vibes were in full swing for Afrocats’ first session back after the summer break, and we welcomed both new and returning faces to our ongoing Youth Of The World 2022 programme on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Cross Street Chapel.

Sixteen young people from refugee, asylum seeker and first-generation backgrounds from all over the world such as the Philippines, Afghanistan, and Iran were in high spirits as everyone played games, got to know each other, and enjoyed the opportunity to fire their imagination for the school term ahead.

Dance and drama instructor Dahlia put our young people through their paces by getting them to work in teams, nurturing their communication skills, and inspiring them to listen to each other so everyone could express their individual ideas.

With her cheerful and animated energy, she explored emotions that they might be confronted with in the classroom and playground in role-play exercises, helping our young people empathise with others in a constructive way, and encouraging emotional regulation in tricky social situations with others.

And Dahlia also brought out their creative side as they blasted through imaginary obstacle courses, improving their problem-solving abilities and developing their independence and inventiveness within the space along the way.

Our session was also an opportunity for parents to have a breather and catch up with each other while the kids let off steam, taking part in activities they don’t always have access to as refugees, asylum seekers, and first-generation Brits.

The first week back at school is always a difficult one, but our Afrocats and Afrokittens all deserve a big thumbs up and a gold star for their hard work – see you next Saturday! 👍🏿 👍🏽 👍 ⭐

Want to discover more about what we do at Afrocats? Go to the Our Work page to find out.

You can also help us fund our vital inclusive work for vulnerable young asylum seekers and refugees in Manchester by visiting our Support Us page.

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