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Umbrellas in the Sun

What does it mean to be a ‘child of the world’ in the UK in 2021 and what does it mean to be a citizen of Manchester? 

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, Children in Need and The D'Oyle Carte Charitable Trust we worked with young people aged seven to 16-years of age to explore what Manchester, their home, and evocative reminders of their own, individual heritage mean to them across four, special performances.

Devised and developed by the performers themselves, Umbrellas In The Sun brings together inspirations from as far and wide as Nigeria, Ghana and Syria to speak of identity, nationhood and distinct cultures, all the while celebrating the things that unite young people beyond nationality and language. Told through dance, singing, drama and improvised performance, the journey across the world begins starts at home, in Manchester, a shared love for every young performer, the place they call home.


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