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Walking is a free gym!

Every Tuesday and Sunday we meet with a group of women to explore Manchester's canals and rivers. Walking benefits our health and our mental wellbeing. This is particularly important for the women we work with, many of whom experience poor health and experience trauma as a result of their experience navigating the asylum system.

Women joined together for the walk. We explored the canals whilst birds sang, geese hissed, and butterflies danced in the fields. There was lively chatter from the women as we walked.

Who made the most steps?

What are your favourite foods?

The walks have meant a lot to group members. Many say this is the highlight of their week. One woman aged 40+ from Angola told us she suffered knee pain for a month but since joining the walks has said it isn't hurting anymore.

She called our walks 'healing walks'.

We took a moment for quiet reflection and the women sat and looked at some of the pressed flowers they had collected a few weeks ago, excited at how beautiful they were.

While we sat, the women reflected on the walks again and said:

'It is good to do it in a group.'

'You meet new people, it’s better than the gym.'

'I like any walk.'

'I like to walk.'

'Walking is the gym.'

'If I don't like it, I don't come.'

'Taking walks on this project has also improved my health and well-being and contributed to losing weight and being healthy.'

It would be great to have our young people walk with their families.'

Thank you to Sport England and the Canal and River Trust for making this project possible.

We're fundraising to continue providing the women we work with wellbeing and creative activities. If you can support us, please consider donating to our Go Fund Me appeal. Make a donation here.


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