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Whitworth and Afrocats unleash powerful partnership to transform half-term creative activities

Who the gallery space is for has long been debated and one which many public art organisations grapple with, but not The Whitworth. Reopening in 2015 with a renewed commitment to connecting with communities, The Whitworth has been investing in ways the gallery can act as a positive conduit for social change through all strands of their work. The partnership with Afrocats is just one of those ways.

Afrocats is a small but mighty charity that is driven to break down barriers for asylum seekers and diverse young people so they can access cultural and creative opportunities. The Whitworth, like Afrocats, is driven by a mission to use art and creative experiences to drive change. The partnership between the two organisations aims for The Whitworth to become a space of sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers so equality and diversity can thrive.

Following a successful pilot event, where the gallery welcomed 1,674 families and young people from diverse backgrounds the two organisations were shortlisted for a Manchester Cultural Award for Social Justice and Equality.

The Whitworth and Afrocats will launch their partnership during Black History Month in October half term. The new partnership will bring accessible, cultural and creative activities to the gallery during the school holidays. The launch event will see African and Caribbean songs fill the galleries and cultural arts and crafts workshops taking place in the Whitworth's School of Creativity.

Magdalen Barlett, Afrocats CEO and founder said:

“In times of austerity, we need families to have access to welcoming and enriching spaces. As the cost-of-living crisis continues, the people we work with have even less opportunities to get out of their homes and experience the world.

“I am delighted that this partnership with The Whitworth will enable us to raise the aspirations of the people we work with and provide opportunities for them that all too often feel out of reach.”

Afrocats x Whitworth

Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 October 2022

12.00 to 3.00 pm

Free, no need to book

African and Caribbean inspired music activities 12.00 – 3pm, drop in

Cultural Arts and Crafts activities 12.00 – 3pm, drop in.

Find out more about the event on The Whitworth's website


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