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Youth of the world are back!

Welcome to Nikki (Theatre Director), Tosin (Choir Mistress & Song writer), our trainee artist Jemima and our volunteer coordinator, Shamim.

Two young volunteers will help up on this project with our blog and shaping elements of our production. You will get to meet Farida and Amina soon.

Here is their first write up of our first session, which happened on Saturday 24th July 2021, so you can get a flavour of their writing style.


Workshop 1

Today in the acting workshop we got to know each other and had lots of fun! We started off with introducing ourselves and things we like, then we started to bounce ideas off each other. We made mind maps about culture, food, language and more. We discussed what we loved about Manchester and what we loved about our own cultures. Manchester is indeed a diverse and multicultural place! Towards the end, we played some games that were very fun.

Workshop 2

For the second part of our day, we went to the singing workshop. We started off with discussing our favourite genres of music, artists and songs. After that we did some fun vocal and face warm ups which were very interesting. We sang Rihanna's shine bright like a diamond and it sounded amazing thanks to our workshop leader Tosin!


Today was really fun! In the singing workshop we started of with vocal exercises like vocal sirens. We stood up and did some warm ups similar to what athletes would do. Warm ups we did shaking our arms and feet. Really woke us up. Then we practiced our singing with a song called ‘Sing to the rhythm’. Then in the acting workshop we did some acting activities like ‘chocolate cake’. Slimy chocolate, Angry chocolate, Tired chocolate, you can name anything. We then gathered ideas about what Manchester and culture is to us. So many ideas came flooding out.

Aren't they brilliant?

Can’t wait for the next post!


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