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Creativity and culture can be a powerful way to build resilience and confidence for people from a sanctuary-seeking background 

We develop projects and strategic partnerships so the women we work with can immerse themselves in the arts, culture and creativity. 

Afrocats Umbrellas in the Sun-54.jpg

Collaborative poetry

Thanks to the Greater Manchester BAME Network we held interactive poetry and drama sessions to create collective poems in French, Urdu, English and Farsi. The results are beautiful verses that reveal the participants cultures, memories, hopes and dreams.

Afrocats x Whitworth

Through our strategic partnership with The Whitworth we are reimagining how the gallery connects with local families in a more accessible, inclusive and equitable way

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The Accent Van

We were invited by our partner the Manchester Poetry Library to join workshops with Shamshad Khan to explore the accents, dialects, and identities of people living in Manchester.

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