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A vibrant performance from young refugees at HOME: Tender

Imagine you are a young refugee in another country which can be hostile towards refugees, and your friend goes missing.

How would you feel? What would you do?

This is one of the many questions posed by Phosphoros Theatre’s production ‘Tender,’ where refugee actors take centre stage.

‘Tender. A word for young
Soft. Not fully made
Too young to leave our families
But we did.’

Several of Afrocats’ Our Year Legacy project participants were able to participate in drama workshops with Phosphoros where they built their confidence, found out what the actors’ life is like, and discovered what it really takes to represent and tell sanctuary seeker stories onstage.

And on the night of the premiere performance in Manchester, participants from our Iranian group came along to watch!

They also met and chatted with the cast afterwards, making connections and sharing stories that the world needs now more than ever in these challenging times for refugees across the globe.

Did you know… all the young actors in ‘Tender’ are real-life refugees who arrived in the UK without parents or guardians from Albania, Chad, Eritrea and Iraq, and now study at college or work.

Take a look at our clips and photos from Phosphoros drama workshops below.

Find out more about Phosphoros Theatre Company and their work here.


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