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One to remember for young sanctuary seekers – UEFA Champions League City vs Copenhagen

Earlier this month, two young people from sanctuary seeker backgrounds had the opportunity of a lifetime as they immersed themselves in Manchester’s football culture at the Champions League match against Copenhagen as part of Afrocats’ Our Year Legacy project.

Having only arrived in the UK in January, it was a dream come true for Yasin from Sudan and Sufiyan from Ethiopia to visit the famed Etihad Stadium with this amazing opportunity kindly gifted by the City in the Community Foundation - and they had a fabulous evening accompanied by their care worker along with Afrocats project producer Estee.

Clearly passionate about football, the boys knew all the players, and could hardly contain themselves as they felt the atmosphere building with a first-class view of the game – a view so good they took photos throughout the match, sang along with the stadium chants and Champions League anthem, and were dazzled by the pre-game light show - take a look below!

To get a taste of the atmosphere, check out more clips below.

As each goal was scored our young people cheered and celebrated, and also made a grab for the football shirts catapulted into the crowd by the City mascots, making thrilling memories and loving every moment.

When the game finished (3-1 to City), the boys even waited until the stadium had cleared of spectators to truly soak up the atmosphere, reflecting just how much they loved the whole experience.

To round off, here are a few words from our much-deserving participants themselves:

‘Thank you, it was so good’
‘I’m very happy!’


‘I had good time, best time.’
‘Thank you so much, it was really good’


Afrocats are grateful to the City in the Community Foundation for providing our young people with this fantastic opportunity.

To discover more about more about our work supporting young sanctuary seekers from the global majority, click here.


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