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Afrocats move mountains for refugees at Snowdonia National Park

The nature-loving Afrocats recently strapped on their hiking boots and embarked on an epic trek through stunning Snowdonia National Park (Welsh: Eryri) in North Wales, which was kindly sponsored and organised by the Moving Mountains Project.


This is what our adventurous participants had to say about their experience:



I just want to say thank you everyone for everything you did to make this trip so unforgettable, I had an amazing time especially the part of climbing Snowdon (Welsh: Yr Wyddfa) - it was not easy but with all the love and support I made it! It was worth it and I’m very proud of myself.



I took part in the Moving Mountains Project, where I had a great experience and got to meet a lot of new people. Being out there made me realise how beautiful nature is. I loved every single activity, and I’d love to do it again. We went hiking and we had other fun activities too. Not to forget that we were taught skills-building too. I really enjoyed it.



It's clear that the Moving Mountains Project cared about us and wanted us to feel confident in travelling with them, not to mention the enthusiasm generated by our group leaders who have a real affinity for the mountains. It is also nice to be on a trip where the leaders are as excited about seeing the sites as the participants are. It was like a trip with a group of friends!

...I’d also like to thank Moving Mountain Project again for the wonderful trip they have put together for us. The locations, accommodations, meals, variety and schedule made our weekend as enjoyable as it could possibly be. As someone that has been through a lot, I had lost trust in people, but the staff at Moving Mountains and the Snowdonia National Park showed me I can trust someone again. They believed in me as if they knew me really well, and for once in my life I felt welcomed, and that I belong. Thank you so much Afrocats, Estee, and the Moving Mountains Project.



I just wanted to say thank you everyone for everything you did to make this trip one of the most enriching experiences of my life – I will always have a treasure box of these memories.


Huge thanks once again to everyone involved at the Moving Mountains project and Snowdonia National Park – because of your generous support, vulnerable and socially isolated refugees and sanctuary seekers like those we support can’t wait to step out and into nature again in the future.

See you next time in the amazing great outdoors!


Learn more about outdoor opportunities for sanctuary seekers at the Moving Mountains Project website.

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