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Stepping into summer 2024 through the city of Salford

It might not feel like it quite yet, but the good weather felt like it was just peeking through as everyone stepped into summer on a special cultural walk through the city of Salford on 26th May to raise awareness for Afrocats.

With support from Greater Manchester Moving and Greater Manchester Walking, the team accompanied our participants, many from the global majority of sanctuary seeker backgrounds, as they started their journey at the Lowry Theatre on a walk to Ordsall Hall, then on to Aviva Studios.

We then finished in time for a picnic, and where everyone had the opportunity to unleash their creativity against the sunny natural backdrop of historic Peel Park.

And we even encountered some feathered friends along the way - and of course, everyone was encouraged to wear green or brown to support the Afrocats cause!

Our aim was to encourage members of the Afrocats community to get outside and connect with each other and their surroundings with a health and wellbeing focus through walks in urban nature.

Lastly, we crafted journey sticks to commemorate the day, where everyone made even the most ordinary-looking weeds into beautiful floral arrangements.

Take a look at everyone's efforts below:

Thanks to everyone at Afrocats and our funders who made the Step into Summer event happen – and of course our participants, who we hope enjoyed a day of fresh air, connection, and community.


To find out more about joining us to create an equitable society for the global majority, click here.


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