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If you could only choose 4 of the last words in the world, what would they be?

Outside was murky but inside creativity was starting to take shape in our new world...on ZOOM.

People from Africa, South Asia and the Middle East came together, for their first session, to take part in a Community Fund project led by Nikki Mailer to clear their mind and start to write.


First...clear your mind.....with a free mind you can write without worrying or thinking about meaning.

'When we started I thought what are we doing and now I realise you just want to bring out the good things in us.'

Nikki asked the group if you only had for words to choose in the world what would they be? The women in our sessions said:

  • Hope love friendship happiness

  • Food, love, prayer, family

  • Love, air, flower, children

  • Food sleep prayer clock

  • Healthy happiness friendly enjoy

  • Bed friends sleep travel

  • Family patience health love

  • Patience, good luck, kindness,

  • Life love passion patience

What would your words be?

Here are some of the poetic lines created in the session.

Life is beautiful with everything in it.

Love is happiness, happiness is a choice, passion is strong, home is family

I am a patient person by nature and it is better to be loved, I have showed you lots of kindness

'Very beautiful I liked it. Before the session started I felt stressed what can I do what can I write and now you made us feel free.'

Tuesday 2nd February was mother's day in Iran and I received this poem from a participant.

I wished I had two wings and I could fly.

I wanted to fly from my little house.

I would go and hug my beautiful granddaughter, whom I had not hugged for about a year,

I would kiss her beautiful hair, and I would kiss her mommy's voice.

I kissed her and touched her little white hair with my fingers

I kissed my beautiful and devoted bride and returned to my little house again.

Thank you to the women who took part in these sessions and to our funder The National Lottery Community Fund.


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