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Cooking up a storm with Cook Stars

As part of our Creative Expression Saturdays supported by Children in Need, Afrocats had the pleasure of having Cook Stars visit on Saturday 13th April for a cooking class session – and our diverse young people certainly had fun concocting some easy and nutritious culinary delights!

Alongside facilitator Sarah, they learned how to make a stuffed crust pizza, salad, and coleslaw from scratch, and they picked up essential tips and tricks on nutrition when it comes to cooking your own food and the importance of fresh ingredients.

Have a look at what they got up to below!

Our young people were a mixture of ages from early years to teenagers, but everyone really enjoyed the session, and were keen to learn more about cooking as the session went on.

Sarah, who has Chinese heritage, reflected on the session, saying:

“It was fantastic today, it was very engaging with different ages, and they all learned something new – particularly the older teenagers who think they know everything, but it turned out they didn’t! They needed a little more help, and I think sessions like this helps them practice the life skills they will need in future.
“I had a really good time, and the main thing is that they were all proud of the food when it came out! They really enjoyed what they made, and everyone learned something from the session.”

As an assistant facilitator, I also felt as if I was learning alongside the young people. I believe these sessions are crucial from an early age as the young people will grow and become independent and self-sufficient, with an array of life-skills and dishes ready up their sleeve.

And by the end, the young people were also excited about the upcoming sessions, where they will learn Singaporean fried rice, and many more culturally inclusive and delicious dishes over the coming weeks.

Yum - looking forward to it!

Words and photos: Amina Beg


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