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Every good egg deserves a basket

Here at Afrocats, we are well ahead preparing for Easter with our Youth of the world project!

Here is jo surrounded by sunshine and greenery showcasing what will be made at the end of the class.

Lovely creations of colour. All of these were created while listening to music and chatting. Children and young people working with there parents to make something that can be used in their own home. Jo asked young people what they could do with the baskets. They had lots of good ideas such as money, house keys, eggs, jewellery, stationary and the list went on.

Look at these beautiful examples. Some were unfinished but they were encouraged to continue then ans send pictures of what they had made.

Group 1

Group 2

We received this beautiful basket, with an egg ready for Easter! I hope the egg lasts. It looks very egg-citing.

Andrew, my chicken laid a egg for Easter 🐣 using the basket we made.

Lets just say...we all had a good laugh. Here is one of the songs we listened too while we made the baskets.

If I receive more then I will post them.

Have a lovely Easter.


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