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First Delivery!

This Sunday 29th November 2020 Afrocats made our first delivery to 30 people including families, lone parents, men and women from African, Middle East and South Asian who are from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds and have been affected by COVID 19.

Deliveries were made from at 10.30am-8pm by our dedicated team of volunteers.

Some of the feedback we have received so far is;

‘This is incredible help’

'I need this desperately'

All of them is my favourite need'

‘I am grateful for your help and support’

Afrocats next delivery will be this month.

We have a waiting list of over 20 people that need more help. If you can support this, it cost 25 for each food parcel which contain food that people from these communities want.

Thank you so much to our volunteers, Cross street Chapel for and Forever Manchester for their support.


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