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Flower-making with Nayna

Nayna Lan's workshops at The Royal Exchange Theatre for Afrocats are intended to build confidence and develop language skills. Here, Nayna tells us what they got up to for the third session.

"We began the session by talking about Refugee Week celebrations that people went to. I also mentioned the 2 events I was involved in and how beautiful it was to experience different cultures coming together.

"I asked the ladies if they knew what the national flower was of their country; some did and some didn’t. It was interesting how a couple of ladies had said that giving flowers as a gift is unheard of in their country, they only realised that this was a thing when they came to the UK. They didn’t see why people would gift someone flowers when they die. We continued the conversation about the importance of nature and how we need flowers/plants to support our ecosystem.

"The group began by decorating petals and flower templates referencing some patterns from different countries but also putting their own stamp on them. Once the first stage was completed, I helped the ladies to manipulate the flowers into 3d forms. They looked lovely and were impressed with their makes. These flowers were displayed in the cabinet at The Royal Exchange where I will later add some narrative around the activity."

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