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Fresh air and fun for parents on our Fletcher Moss walking tour

On Saturday 2nd March, we took the ladies from the Afrocats’ Parent Group to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens in Didsbury.


Our women had a chance to get outdoors as well as utilise their independence by purchasing their own tram tickets so that they can grow independent and self-sufficient when travelling, and planning future trips.


We arrived at East Didsbury tram stop and strolled up to the beautiful Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, feeling transported outside of Manchester as we caught some sun among the palm trees whilst enjoying our hot chocolate and Peri Peri chips whilst taking in the scenery and company of our incredible women, who all come from sanctuary seeker communities in the global majority.

It was clear that they enjoyed getting outside to socialise in nature, and feedback included:


'This trip has improved my mental health and relieved stress, this helped me a lot, it helped my stress go down, great day for me, make me happy!'

'I feel happy and good, I have less of a headache anymore without the kids! It’s my first time to Fletcher Moss before - when you’re in a group you get to meet different people.'

'This walk has lifted my mood, and improved my mental health. Walking is good for my foot, I have a problem with my leg, walking is a form of exercise, same with the group walk, I like it, even on my own I won’t go out, if I have other people it motivates me, we want more of this. Before we left the house, we didn’t eat and they provide lots of food now which we like, so thank you to the funder!'

'It was so nice, first time coming here, the weather was nice and with no children it was better really,  and we had the hot chocolate  and chips as well,, everything was perfect, thank you!'

The ladies had a fantastic time and by the end felt nourished physically and mentally after the opportunity to exercise, socialise and grow confident in taking themselves out of their daily routine.

Don't forget to join us on our next trip!


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