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Fundraising success from our charity partner!

You might remember that recently we were delighted to have been chosen to be Our Lady's RC High School charity partner for the year. After our funder and CEO Magdalen presented to the school, the students were eager to get involved within the school and volunteering.

Launching their charity partnership with Afrocats in Black History Month, the student's started their fundraising with an event they named the Black Culture pageant. Across 4 different form classes the students raised an incredible £213.20 for Afrocats.

With 3 forms battling it out for top fundraiser spot, Year 7's initiative to sell bracelets in different flag colours raised an impressive £66.90. Thank you to every single one of the students for raising all these donations. We are so moved by the work they put in to raise funds for Afrocats.

We were also grateful to have two of Our Lady's students coming in and volunteering for our Afrocats x Whitworth event. The two students, Maryiam and Joanna created content for our newly created TikTok. A huge thank you to the students for helping us launch a new social media platform!

Here is what one of the students, Maryiam, had to say about her experience volunteering:

"Working at the Whitworth Art Gallery was an amazing and incredible experience. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the three days I volunteered, and had lots of fun being creative through social media marketing. Being imaginative through the content I was recording was fun, as I favoured the challenge of thinking of new ideas for innovation while also staying on trend for relevancy.
"I was able to display the activities (such as cultural dancing and singing) that Afrocats had to offer, and also expressed the aims of Afrocats through the interviews I did with leaders/higher-ups. Watching people of all ages and races get involved with all the activities was very heart-warming. I found working with such kind, sweet, and polite higher-ups of Afrocats to create a calming and relaxed environment. These sessions were lovely to volunteer at."

If you're on TikTok why not give us a follow? Or check out our other social media channels to see what we're getting up to!


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