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Horizon's festival

Last weekend CAN kindly invited Afrocats and the families we work with to the Horizons Festival at HOME Manchester. Edel our Project Producer shares her thoughts on what was a wonderful event.

We chaperoned a few families from their accommodation in hotels to the venue as a way of introducing them to accessing regular public transport so they understand the different bus lines and which options they have. Additionally, this is a fantastic way to show them how many great and free events are on all year round for the whole family.

All our young people had an amazing time, they enjoyed the storytelling done by writer and author Dr Atousa Goudarzi and singing with performative body movements by Godfrey who we had the pleasure of having during our Whitworth Art gallery takeovers.

Then, it was time for our performance which was led by our dancer Faris and all our young ones – take a little peak on our Instagram as we made a little reel of the occasion! It was amazing seeing everyone dance to all the choreography they had been practising.

Once the main part of the performance was finished, everyone was able to enjoy arts and crafts as well as the general activities that are in place at HOME for families. We took everyone back home on the bus, everyone had a blast although it was a long day.

A parent said the day after: “The event we came to yesterday was very nice. If there is another event, I would be happy if you let me know.”

Katherine Rogers, producer of the Horizons festival said:

"I want to thank the incredible Afrocats team for the work you did to help make Horizons a success. The children’s confidence, coordination, energy and performance skills were really inspiring to see and show the depth of your practice, skills and values in this specialised area of work. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to work with Afrocats."

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