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Table Talk women chat about exciting opportunities with Factory International

Here at Afrocats, we love a good natter accompanied by a tasty snack and a beverage.

And who better to discuss opportunities for global majority sanctuary seekers than with Factory International on our Monday Table Talk project at the Royal Exchange Theatre?

With support from Allen Lane and organised by project producer Estee, five of our women participants had the pleasure of being joined by Factory International’s community partnerships manager Abi Clarke, who initiated a friendly icebreaker through conversation prompts where everyone shared experiences and memories in a safe and welcoming space.

Discussion then turned to the upcoming Women of the World festival in May, which celebrates women, girls and non-binary people in Manchester for the first time.

WOW will be taking over Aviva Studios with inspirational activists, speakers and performers, and there will also be a bustling Marketplace, creative workshops, and Conversation Stations.

Abi spoke about mentorship opportunities with WOW for sanctuary seeker women like ours which could potentially lead to more opportunities for them in the future, as well as ideas about how to meet accessibility needs for multi-lingual participants whose first language is not always English.

Everyone was present for each other as they said what was on their mind, and Helen even brought her own delicious homemade Victoria sponge cake to share - thank you Helen!

A huge thanks to Factory International for coming to speak with us - the ladies were certainly thrilled to talk with you, and are excited to seize the chance to help the local community.

Watch out world – the Afrocats are coming!

WOW Festival will be held from 24-26 May 2024 - for more details about their jam-packed weekend programme, click here 


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