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Let's create online!

We have been busy these last couple of months providing sessions both face-to-face and online thanks to the Arts Council England and Children in Need. Our children and young people have had loads of fun!

Some of our Youth of the World and new children to our programme could not make our face to face sessions which made them sad, so we offered them a chance to take part in arts and craft sessions online, which has worked a treat.

Children and young people received a box of tricks delivered to their doors by lovely Tree, who delivered boxes to families across Greater Manchester.

Our boxes contained loads of stuff such as paper, cards, paper, pencils, charcoal pens, bamboo sticks and much more.

'She is so happy to receive all of these crafts.'

Some of the families were so excited that they started to make Origami pieces before the session. They didn't need to use all the origami cards, so that was okay. LOL.

We want to share what we have made so far online in our sessions with our lovely Joe, who has become our Arts and Craft Artist; she provides both fun and engaging workshops with our Youth of the World.

Please have a look at some of what we made ourselves, sometimes with a bit of help from our parents

Paper Lanterns

Joe will consistently demonstrate and patiently teach us how to make our unique arts and craft masterpieces.

'it was Very good condition for kids at this time' Feedback from parents.


'a hanging mandala is the 1rst attemot (activity) and I love it.' participant feedback

'It was great easy to learn.'

WOW! Look at this work below that one of our budding young artists created after the session!

'My daughter says the best activity I have ever seen .she is enjoying it' 😀

'I really enjoyed it and had a good time drawing even though it’s not always my favourite activity'

We also done painting and made Origami boats and purses because we loved it so much last time.

'I like the session, fantastic engaging session for learning art'

Thank you, Joe, for planning and delivering these cost effective and inspirational workshops. We look forward to continuing working with you in September 2021.


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