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Let's Make a Pamphlet!

'It was great fun and good quality time with interesting activity.'

We had our first session with the fabulous Jo Ford, who led a Book/Pamphlet making session with 15 adults from our from our Native of the World programme and 23 children.

‘It Was Super Saturday afternoon.... Looking forward to next one.. . Love you all... ❤️❤️’

This project is funded by Community fund and will run between January-April 2021 as part of our COVID response. We do bi-weekly online workshops from 2 - 3 pm and 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm with groups of 9 adults and their children in each session.

Each family received a creative pack which was delivered by our volunteers and a few were posted.

‘I liked how it was creative and how it was demonstrated!’

‘I appreciate this because this is my hobby. thank you 😊’

‘Thank you very much for having us.. lovely to meet you all’

‘ it was nice thnx.’

‘ Nice and engaging activity. we enjoyed it. thanks for the session.’

‘It was really entertaining and fun’

‘that was amazing.’

We will post images of what we make and feedback from future sessions. Thanks to Community fund, Afrocats are able to offer these sessions to help families across Manchester and Greater Manchester to have access to free activities that make them feel good.


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