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Making art, new friends, and memories on our Spring in Your Step Project

Springtime is finally in the air, so it was fantastic opportunity for our young people and parents from sanctuary seeker communities to go for an inspiring mid-morning nature walk and create some art together along the River Mersey as part of our ‘Spring In Your Step’ project.

As we got some fresh air, stretched our legs, and fed the ducks along the river, our young people did some bird-spotting as they went, including identifying mallards, goosanders, and black-headed gulls, giving them insights into local birdlife.

Connecting with nature can promote feelings of happiness in life, as well as a sense of peace, living in the moment, and reducing stress.

Nature also enhances creativity, and we were joined by artist Tina Ramos Ekongo to do some sketching by the river in brand new sketchbooks that our young people can take everywhere they choose.

Scroll along below to check out their handiwork!

They practiced their observational skills to produce some detailed sketches, capturing the moment with the flow of the river and birds on the wing.

‘It makes us happy to be drawing,’ reported one young participant.

And one parent said: ‘We are happy that they are happy, and that they are drawing with their friends.’

We even made a new friend in Nobby the dog, who was happy to perform some tricks for us – he just might be as talented as our young people!

See you again for another session, and don’t forget to bring your sketchbook!

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