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Maternity Care: Session 6

With the Caribbean and African Health Network, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the Longsite Primary Care Network we've been dismantling the barriers that women seeking asylum and refugees experience in their journey to motherhood.

The women joining this session were told the reason why they could not qualify to benefit from Ardwick and Longsight Food Bank. As additional support, Afrocats provided alternatives to access affordable food locally.

The main purpose of this session was to provide health advice about pregnancy. Children were attended by a member of the Afrocats team so women could speak freely and uninterrupted.

Sandra Cahill is a midwife and during the session, she addressed general and collective concerns around pregnancy. One of the attendees enquired about infections and Sandra kindly attended to her concern individually. We then moved on to general health advice which Sandra advised the women on.

At the end of the session, Sandra asked the women’s opinion about St. Mary’s hospital services to which they expressed frustration about calling waiting times and waiting times before accessing a delivery room.

She informed them that a new system was being put into place where two different contact numbers would be provided, one for emergencies and another one for routine enquiries to reduce waiting times. Overall, women were thoroughly engaged in this session. Translation was necessary and we were able to answer all their questions clearly.

We rely on donations and grant funding to dismantle the health and wellbeing inequalities the people we support face. If you can donate you'll be helping us to create an equal society. Make a donation here today.


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