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Mobile making with Nayna

For the second of her workshops at the Royal Exchange Theatre for Afrocats, Nayna Lan has been supporting the better mental health of the women who attend along by introducing engaging creative activities.

"The session was based around the theme of butterflies as they symbolise transformation, change, positivity and hope.

"We discussed how we as humans also go through different stages in our lives, especially as women but also adapting to change when coming into a new country. Some ladies didn’t know that a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly or weren’t able to name the caterpillar. Through questions and conversation, we learnt about the length of time it takes to transform and the average life span of a butterfly which was very interesting.

"The group thoroughly enjoyed the session and produced beautiful mobiles which they said they would hang up in their homes. They added their own decorative pattern and detail to their butterflies to make them unique and personal.

"Once the designs were completed the mobiles were constructed by connecting them to wire with the addition of beads to enhance them further."

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