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NQ64: It's important to nurture young people’s creativity

We're proud to be 100% female-led from our project coordinators through to our trustees so we were so pleased to find out NQ64 had picked us as their IWD2022 charity of choice, raising an impressive £448.33 from the proceeds of their arcade machines. We spoke to bar manager Olivia about why they wanted to fundraise for us.

What made you pick Afrocats to support?

For international women’s day, we wanted to pick a local, women-led charity to support. We had a little vote in our work chat to help decide and we ended up picking Afrocats!

Why is it important to champion female-led charities?

We believe that women should be celebrated for their accomplishments and in their endeavours, whether that be philanthropy or hip hop! Also, it’s fitting with our women of hip-hop celebration that the charity supports and nurtures young, diverse people in the arts.

What’s the best game at NQ64?

A couple of our staff favourites are Guitar hero and Crazy taxi.

What advice would you give to young diverse women?

Explore your passions. Find things you enjoy and make sure to put aside time for them. Never think that anything makes you less than someone else.

Why should people support Afrocats?

Along with all the reasons we’ve included above, as a team, most of us are musicians, so we realise how important it is to nurture young people’s creativity and how beneficial it can be for people to have an artistic outlet. We believe people should support Afrocats because they help young people explore creative outlets and provide social environments for diverse people that could otherwise struggle and other amazing stuff!

A huge thank you to the team at NQ64 and their customers!


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