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Pauline's story

Pauline is one of the 70 adults we support through our Natives of the World programme. We interviewed Pauline in 2020. Earlier this year she received the wonderful news that she has got her stay in the UK.

"I’m a mother of 3 children and I’m an asylum seeker.

The asylum process is very hard. Some of us have been waiting for decisions for more than 3 years and we are still waiting. It is a worry all the time.

Children of asylum seekers are not allowed to go on educational trips and that is a big issue. My son was supposed to go on a school trip, but the school said he was not allowed. We wrote to the Home Office and they said - no he is not allowed. So what can we do? He couldn’t go on the trip.

When you have children, and they are supposed to be doing things, but you cannot provide because you are an asylum seeker it is very hard.

I’m a refugee and I have no money so when the lockdown started we were struggling for food. The children we struggling to do their schoolwork because everything was online and I couldn’t give them anything to do their assignments on. But then Afrocats gave me two new tablets, food and a food voucher.

It was incredible! For the children to be able to their work is a big thing for any parent, but especially for me, it took away one worry.

Afrocats have been very good to me, so supportive and helpful. The kids get lots of programmes like arts and craft, music and they love it. Especially the Spanish lessons they love it.

For someone to give me new tablets it is a very big thing. They have managed to remove a big burden from me.

They saved me and took away my dread."


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