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Weaving with Nayna

Nayna Lan has been running workshops to build confidence, develop language skills, and support the better mental health of the women we support. Here, Nayna tells us what they got up to,

"In the first session, we focused on weaving a technique using a simple warp and weft to create a pattern. We discussed what things were made using this method such as baskets, rugs and clothing. A lot of the ladies could relate once they had a better understanding of what weaving was.

"The ladies began by adding the warp to a weaving board which are vertical lines created by wrapping wool around the cardboard. They had a wide range of materials to work with from strips of fabric, ribbon and wool, of different colours and designs. Once I had demonstrated the method of going under and over the warp to create the weft, this was then repeated but done alternatively to create the weave effect.

"The ladies found the session enjoyable and relaxing and were happy with their makes. They were singing whilst doing the activity and engaging in conversation about their country of origin. It was a lovely workshop; the group were welcoming and connected with each other in a positive way and were excited about the following workshops which we briefly discussed."

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