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YES! Day 2!

My name is Eniola, I'm 20 years old, and I'm volunteering to run the blog for today's Afrocats activity session.

Everyone was in high spirits today and excited to start the session as the music was playing. They began with the dancing session; everyone pushed the chairs out of the way and took their shoes off, ready to dance. They all stood in a circle and starting warming up to get them ready. Then they proceeded to play zip zap boing, which they enjoyed playing.

After doing those exercises, Maya played a song and got everyone moving a bit more.

After they made their dance moves from yesterday, Maya asked everyone in the circle what their favourite activities were and made and included them into their dance.

They played the traffic light game; the colours in the traffic light are called' Green Light,' everyone moves forward, yellow everyone jumps, red. Everyone has to balance in a position. It was a fun activity.

Whilst maintaining social distancing, they had a dance battle, so they were split into two groups, and each of them chose a movement they like best. It got them interacting more with each other as they learnt each other's actions. After they had learnt their moves, they performed it for everyone.

Lastly, Maya did a few stretches to calm everyone down after the fun dance routine.

The next activity was drama which included improvisation games.

They messaged their cheeks, forehead, and funny faces, which made them laugh; they played splat, and they enjoyed the circle game, which had them ducking and laughing.

They also played wink murder; Wink murder is a game in which a secretly selected player can "kill" others by winking at them while the surviving players identify the killer.

They played copy me, so they had to copy everything.........

Then they worked in pairs, and they had to copy what each other did after discussing the game and talked about what they liked about it.

They played Freeze. Everyone moves to a particular scenario. When they heard Freeze, they have to hold a shape straightaway until the scenario changed; if you are the last person to freeze, the game restarts.

Lastly, a piece of calm music played while they laid on the floor as they relaxed.

They did a few stretches to calm everyone down after fun game activities.

Everyone sat down in a circle, and Mags asked them what they liked about the session; everyone said they enjoyed the dancing and drama. Everyone loved both the activities and said that they could express themselves and have fun. And to finish off, we listened to some music.

Thank you to Children in Need, Arts Council England, volunteers, artists and last but not least the children and parents for making this day possible. We had lots of fun.


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