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Youth of the World blitz up some healthy hearty soup and rolls

On another Creative Expression Saturday with Afrocats’ Youth of the World alongside support from Children in Need, I once again had the pleasure of assisting Sarah from Cook Stars with another hands-on cooking session, this time featuring a classic: homemade tomato soup and bread rolls!

As we gathered in the kitchen, I was curious to know what our young participants usually enjoyed making, and to my amusement, many of them had Pot Noodles down as their go-to meal.

And as the session progressed, I asked our young people if they would consider making tomato soup again – not only were they eager to recreate the dish, but also genuinely enjoyed getting stuck in with the learning process - take a look below!

It was heartwarming to see their excitement, especially when making the bread rolls. Kneading and rolling the dough turned out to be a surprisingly cathartic and relaxing activity, both for them and for me!

Among the participants, a young cookery enthusiast stood out as a budding chef who loves cooking with their mum, particularly when it comes to baking.

With a keen eye for detail, they expertly demonstrated how to shape perfectly round bread rolls, ensuring they were just right before placing them in the oven.

Cook Stars’ Sarah observed that the young peoples’ engagement in cooking activities at home had a significant impact on their day-to-day lives - not only enhancing their skillset, but also boosting their confidence, enabling them to teach others and learn new dishes with ease.

As we wrapped up another Saturday cooking adventure, I couldn’t resist giving my soup a taste test with project producer Edel, known for her aversion to tomato soup.

And to my delight, she was impressed! So much so that she confessed this dish completely changed her opinion of tomato soup - just showing that amazing things can happen anytime on an Afrocats session!


Words and photos: Amina Beg

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