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Help us build a kinder and more inclusive society by inspiring your students to give back.

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You and your students can bring your own unique ideas for fundraising or we're on hand to help you with ideas for how you can get going. We'll work flexibly with you to meet your fundraising ambitions.

Fundraising ideas

Nominate us as your charity of the year

The whole school community can get involved with fundraising for Afrocats as your charity of the year. You'll get to see the impact of your fundraising with updates throughout the year or the term.


Dress up or dress down

Pick a Friday and hold a dress-up or dress-down day. Dress up as your favourite character, artist or country.



Raffle and a bake sale

Raffle off prizes that you've made or sourced from local businesses. You could also make cakes and sweet treats to sell on the day.



Collection boxes

Keep a collection box on your school reception desk or in the staff room.



Movie day

Pick movies from different cultures to screen in school, charge a ticket entry fee and sell popcorn or other treats.



Donate goods or products

We regularly need donations of toiletries, clothing, period products, laptops or tablets, and data. Why not keep a collection bin in school.

Supporting your curriculum

Partnering with Afrocats can support your PHSE, citizenship and geography curriculums. Through your lessons and fundraising efforts, you can help your students to explore topics such as migration, culture shock and displacement. Introducing these themes can help students to develop respect and empathy.

Find out how schools have been making a difference with us

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