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Althea McNish - Colour is Mine

Afrocats had the pleasure of attending the newest exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery showcasing the beautifully colourful work of Althea McNish. McNish was an African-Caribbean designer from Trinidad, and the first of her descent to achieve international recognition. We found this incredibly inspiring as she was one of the most influential and innovative textile designers in the UK.

As soon as you step into the gallery you’re greeted by a wave of vibrant colour. The beautiful, and expressive patterns inspired by her roots in Trinidad are simply joyful. Besides her most well-known work, the exhibition features work that has never been seen by the public before. Althea McNish: Colour is Mine is a touring exhibition from the William Morris Gallery and will be available at the Whitworth Art Gallery until April.

It is fantastic to see black artists featured at this scale, since at Afrocats we believe in inclusion and diversity of voices. We can’t wait to bring our members in to this space and experience people like them being celebrated for their lifelong work.


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