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Arts and trauma - supporting the sector to develop their response

Generational trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), racial trauma or trauma related to experiencing the asylum system are some of the ways the young people and adults we work with experience trauma.

All impact the physical health, mental health, and life chances of the people we work with so we develop our programs and projects through a trauma-informed lens. Doing this ensures that we put the wellbeing of the people we support at the heart of all our work.

Recently we were invited to deliver arts and trauma training for the Arts and Trauma GM Network, an initiative by Contact in partnership with Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Manchester Art Gallery, and the University of Manchester.

Our CEO and founder Magdalen shared how her own experience has informed her work as a theatre practitioner and led her to go on to form Afrocats. After that, the network got stuck into some group problem-solving on topics like 'creating a safe environment'. 'examples of good practice', and 'funding challenges'.

It was a hugely positive and informative experience for all. Thanks for having us!

If you would like us to deliver training for your organisation or network we'd love to help. We're experienced trainers in arts and trauma, equality and diversity, inclusion and access. Get in touch with us to find out more.


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