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  • Vicki Leigh

Youth of the World rustle up more creative culinary delights

Afrocats enjoyed another scrumptious session at Cross Street Chapel on our Youth of the World Creative Expression Saturdays programme, where the kitchen came alive with South-east Asian sizzles and spice for our young people, many of whom are from sanctuary seeker backgrounds.


Led by Sarah from Cook Stars and with support from Children in Need, we began our tasty adventure as Sarah let everyone in on the secrets behind crafting the perfect Singaporean fried rice.


Eager to get making, they gathered around the cooking stations, and the session kicked off with Sarah's expert guidance on the key ingredients and techniques that form the backbone of authentic Singaporean cuisine.

Click to enlarge the photos and scroll through to see how they got on below:

With patience and precision, Sarah explained the nutritious value in the ingredients and how to perfect the delicate balance of spices and sauces to our young people.

She also prompted them to guess what the next steps in the recipe might be - a great way to help memorise how to make this recipe at home!

As we chopped, stirred, and seasoned together, participants reflected on their experiences during the session:

  • I normally enjoy baking, but I found making new food really interesting.

  • [I] found it very inspirational and a good experience overall. 

  • One young person revealed that they have only made noodles before.

Cook Stars workshops infuse each dish with creativity and rich culinary heritage while building participants’ confidence to practise until it becomes second nature, so our diverse young people can find autonomy in their diet and nutrition.

And as a result, some of us (including myself as project assistant) have also been inspired to recreate this dish at home, which I’ve hugely enjoyed as this has improved my attention and patience in cooking - something I have learned alongside our amazing young people.

Stay tuned for more foodie fun with Afrocats!

Words and photos: Amina Beg

Find out more about what it’s like to dive into a Cook Stars cookery session with young people on our recent news post.

And to get in touch about working with us to make Manchester more inclusive, click here.


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