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Freedom, fun, together, peace

There’s so much going on at our Youth Of The World Saturday sessions – and last weekend was no exception.

First up, everybody gathered together for a rehearsal of our favourite Beyoncé and James Brown tracks for an upcoming performance – so watch this space for more details soon.

Brave newcomer Miriam even got up in front of everyone to do some solo vocals – well done Miriam!

Then our under-11 Afro-kittens practiced their creative thinking with fun freeze-frame activities led by Magdalen, and they practiced being boats, cars, and even motorbikes!

They then had the opportunity to work in groups to make ‘moving freeze-frames’ on the abstract themes of ‘freedom,’ ‘fun,’ ‘together,’ and ‘peace,’ which really tested their teamwork, communication, and co-operation all at the same time.


Many of our young people experience some level of neurodiversity, and so developing their interpersonal skills is important for socialising among both their neurotypical and neurodivergent peers alike.

Have a look below and see how they got on.

Meanwhile, our 11-plus Afrokittens enjoyed the company of videographer Leah Llewellyn, who captured their energy and enthusiasm on camera all throughout the session, and as they reflected on their sessions at the Whitworth with renowned Manchester activist Erinma Bell (MBE).

‘We want to compare the beginning and end sessions to capture evidence-based progress for funders, and make something that the young people can feel proud of,’ says Leah.

And in an age where video content matters more than ever, we’re thankful to have Leah on hand where possible to bring out the best in our young people for the camera!

The Afrocats and kittens make huge strides with each session, and every week we feel incredibly proud of them and their development.

Keep up the good work everyone, and see you next time for more fun, friendship, and freedom to be yourselves!

To sing for joy at Cross Street Chapel on 25th November and book a place at the upcoming Anthems For Advent Concert, click here!


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