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Join us as we explore creativity and culture with arts and crafts

On Afrocats' Youth Of The World programme, we love nothing more than

seeing our culturally and neurodiverse young people getting stuck in and

unleashing their creative potential together.

And this week, they had the chance to learn about and make some woven

baskets - African style!

African basket-weaving goes back to ancient times, and these baskets served a

practical purpose. For example, they were used for transporting crops, and

storage for food and spices, as well as looking lovely of course.

Many of our young people and participants have or know somebody with

African heritage, and this was a fantastic opportunity to delve into a time-

honoured traditional art form that everyone can appreciate, using inexpensive

materials like paper, wool, Sellotape and scissors.

And expert art facilitator Nayna was on hand to help when anyone got stuck or

needed inspiration - even bringing along her own woven baskets brought all

the way from her travels in Africa, including Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Our young people have backgrounds from all over the world: from Iran to

Ghana, from the Philippines to Nigeria and beyond - and in a world where so

many borders and boundaries exist, it’s amazing to see them unite in exploring

their own or another’s cultural artistic heritage. Some great reasons to explore your cultural heritage are:

  • You can understand where you come from and your family’s geographical context

  • You can find out how society and civilisations have evolved

  • You can examine your country and family’s history and traditions, and keep them alive for future generations

For those that finished weaving, there was also time to make a dainty straw

corn dolly, which definitely got some of our fingers in a twist.

And after a free healthy fruit snack, everyone burned off some late afternoon

energy with a game of SPLAT! - finishing the session on a giggle.

Thanks as always to our brilliant Youth Of The World – we look forward to

welcoming you to the session next time!

If you’d like more information about our Youth Of The World programme,

click here.

And take a peep at our social media channels below for the latest news and



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