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Joy to the world - gearing up for our Christmas 2022 showcase

The bright lights and merriment of the famous Manchester Christmas Markets are now in full swing, but a short hop, skip and a jump away at Cross Street Chapel, Afrocats’ Youth of The World are busy prepping for their festive 2022 showcase!

Held at Central Hall Manchester on 17th December, our young people are getting ready for showtime, and they’re eager as beavers to show everyone how far they’ve come since starting the programme way back at the beginning of autumn.

This week was the run-through in the Percival Suite, and the Afrokittens had their lyrics, moves, and presentations down pat.

They simply can’t wait to embrace the limelight with their singing, dancing, and determination to call for social justice like enthusiastic and passionate citizens with tons of potential, and so much to give back to society.

Final music rehearsals with musician Luke Benjamin are below - Queen of Pop Beyoncé and Godfather of Soul James Brown got nothing on the Afrokittens!

And shortly afterwards, the 12-and-over’s social justice presentations had everyone feeling inspired and passionate about driving positive change in the world, with project assistant Edel on hand to coach them with any questions.

Afrocats are so proud of our young people making such huge strides of progress in only a matter of weeks, and after this weekend we’re certain we have future leaders in our midst - so watch out world!

Best of luck for next week’s showcase everyone – and remember to break a leg!

Find out about our unique approach to supporting, engaging, empowering, and collaborating to make society more welcoming for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees by clicking here.


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