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Riding rollercoasters and circus play with our Youth Of The World

Hot on the heels of Afrocats’ success at the Spirit of Manchester Awards, young people on our Youth Of The World programme were in for a triple whammy this week.

First up in the Percival Suite was the chance for under-11s to explore creative responses to stimuli set by Magdalen, morphing into creepy, sad, happy and lazy clowns - just in time for Halloween!

They also fed their imaginations with inventive responses to the excitement of being on a rollercoaster - and they loved the thrill of every moment.

After all, the first step to enjoying a rollercoaster is to get on it, and our young people aren’t afraid to conquer any fears about going around the loop-the-loop.

Meanwhile in the Gaskell and Kenworthy Room, professional musician Luke Benjamin shared his keyboard skills with the younger ones, and professional creative writer Niparun Nessa got stuck in writing some inspirational poetry with the over-12s.

Niparun also unleashed her circus skills once again for the session finale, helping our young people let loose with ribbon twirling and hooping.

“There are no end-goals in mind with circus play,” says Niparun. “You can see young and old alike visibly progressing quite easily. Developing circus skills is great for everyone.”

We love to see our young people feeling inspired and imaginative at our sessions, and we can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

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